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Entergy’s eTech program promotes the adoption of electric-powered alternatives to many applications that traditionally require fossil fuels. The program provides customer support by dedicated field representatives and financial incentives to Entergy customers who purchase select electric equipment.


The benefits

Electric-powered technologies offer several key benefits to end users over their internal-combustion counterparts. Some of the benefits of electric technologies can include:

  • Reduced maintenance

    Electric motors have 90 percent fewer moving parts with no engine fluids or hoses significantly reducing time and money spent on maintenance.

  • Lower fuel consumption

    By reducing the reliance on fuel, exposure to fluctuating gasoline prices decreases.

  • Safe and efficient workplace

    Electric equipment allows an optimal layout of facilities leading to a safer, more efficient work atmosphere.

  • Less noise

    Electric equipment is much quieter than conventional counterparts which means greater operator awareness for reduced fatigue and increased safety.

  • Clean and healthy environment

    Electric equipment produces zero site emissions for a cleaner, healthier work environment.


The eTech program offers incentives to Entergy customers who purchase select electric equipment. Cash incentives are currently available to qualifying customers for purchasing the following equipment:

Electric technology Entergy cash incentive
Forklifts $250 – $500
Digital billboards $1,500 – $5,000
Drayage truck $1,500
Electric truck refrigeration (plug) $500 – $1,000
Crane Up to $25,000
Man lift (scissor lift or boom lift) $100
Light duty electric burden carrier $100
Walk-behind floor scrubber $100
Riding floor scrubber $150
Golf cart $150
Level 2 electric vehicle charger (plug) $250
DC fast charger (plug) $750 – $1,500
Case-by-case basis
Truck stop and fleet electrification Rail or mining equipment
Material handling equipment Industrial equipment
Marine and port equipment Industrial welding
Airport ground support equipment Many other technologies may qualify

Cash incentives are determined on a case-by-case basis.
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