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What is eTech?

eTech, or the Electric Technology Program at Entergy, was created to increase the adoption of electric alternatives for certain non-road applications. Electrification of these applications benefits Entergy and its customer base by introducing stable electric demand into the energy grid.

Do I need to be a commercial or industrial Entergy customer to be eligible for an incentive?

Yes, only commercial or industrial customers of Entergy are eligible.

Are there regional exceptions to the cash incentive?

Yes, some regional restrictions apply. Please contact your eTech customer representative for more information.

How do I receive a cash incentive for my Forklift or Billboard purchase?

If your purchase qualifies, receiving the cash incentive is as easy as filling out a short application. An Energy representative is available at 1-833-44ETECH to assist with this process.

Are the Forklift and Billboard incentives cash?

Yes. The incentive is a cash payment to the purchaser of the equipment.

What if I purchased Forklift or Billboard a few months ago?

To qualify for a cash incentive, the invoice for the purchase must be no older than 90 days at the time of application. Certain exceptions may apply, so it is often worth checking with your eTech representative.

Is there a customer obligation beyond the application?

Once approved, the incentive is “no strings attached”. However, once an incentive is awarded, Entergy reserves the right to field audit the customer facility in order to verify installation of electrified equipment.

I’m a Forklift dealer, how do I take advantage of the program?

At this time, incentives are only available to the end user of the equipment. However, the eTech program works very closely with many dealers to increase sales of electric forklifts. Please contact us for more information.

Is replacing an existing electric Forklift or Billboard with a new purchase covered by an incentive?

No, only equipment replacing non-electrified incumbents apply. New applications (when there is no prior Forklift or Billboard) do qualify.

What if I am planning to lease instead of own my forklift fleet?

In many cases, leases can still qualify for the cash incentive.