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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the eTech program?

eTech is an Entergy program which promotes customer benefits of utilizing electric technologies. These technologies benefit the direct user by lowering fuel & maintenance costs and are cleaner and easier to operate. In addition the use of electric technologies benefits all customers by reducing the overall cost per unit of electricity and reducing environmental emissions. The eTech Program is a Beneficial Electrification program, which is the practice of encouraging the adoption of electrically powered equipment, typically in place of fossil-fuel powered equipment, through education, awareness and cash incentives.

How does the program promote electric technologies?

The eTech program promotes electric technologies through education, technical assistance and financial incentives. Local field representatives are available to assist customers and dealers with application support and other needs.

What is an electric technology?

An electric technology is equipment that is powered by electricity, characterized by compelling benefits that make them cheaper, cleaner, and easier to operate when compared to traditional forms of operation. Electric technologies are installed with infrastructure including direct plug-in, or through rapid, flash, or conventional charging. These technologies exist within the residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal sectors representing many off-road, on-road, process, and solution-oriented applications. Some of the more common applications include electric forklifts, material handling equipment, marine and port equipment, and industrial equipment.

What are the benefits of choosing electric technologies?

To the user, there can be economic, safety and environmental benefits to using electric technologies. These include:

  • Reduced maintenance, typically having approximately 90% fewer moving parts with no engine fluids or hoses
  • Reduced exposure to fossil fuel price volatility
  • A safer and more efficient work environment, allowing strategic placement of chargers throughout the facility to avoid traffic congestion
  • Less noise since electric motors are much quieter than internal combustion engines making it easier for workers to communicate
  • A cleaner and healthier work environment since electric motors produce zero site emissions, and do not add NOx, particulates, hydrocarbons, or carbon monoxide into the work area.
Why is Entergy encouraging the adoption of electric technologies?

Not only do the customers who chose electric technologies benefit from their use but , there are grid level benefits to all of Entergy’s customers. These include:

  • Improving the efficiency of the electricity supply system
  • Controlling electricity rates per kilowatt hour to all customers by spreading fixed infrastructure and other costs over a larger base.
  • Reducing net environmental emissions
Do I need to be an Entergy customer to be eligible for an incentive?

Yes, Entergy customers with accounts in good standing are eligible for an incentive. Electric technology infrastructure must be used and installed at a location with electricity provided by Entergy.

Does the eTech program apply to all Entergy service territories?

Incentives are currently available in Entergy Louisiana, LLC, Entergy Mississippi, LLC, Entergy New Orleans, LLC and Entergy Texas, Inc. Entergy reserves the right to modify the program at any time. Please contact us for more information.

How do I receive a cash incentive for my electric technology investment?

If your purchase qualifies, receiving a cash incentive is as easy as filling out a short application, and providing documentation showing dates of payment and/or installation. Email us at and an Entergy representative can assist with this process.

How are the eTech incentives paid?

After approval of your application, a check for the incentive amount will be issued. Please allow 2-6 weeks for application processing, verification and check delivery.

Does qualification for an incentive expire?

To qualify for a cash incentive, the equipment invoice or delivery date must be no older than 180 days at the time of application. Certain exceptions may apply, please contact us for further details.

Is there a customer obligation beyond the application?

Once an incentive is awarded, Entergy reserves the right to perform a site inspection of the customer facility in order to verify installation of electrified equipment. Customers participating in this incentive program may be contacted to participate in Entergy’s study of uses, practices and preferences to improve future electric technology programs and encourage greater clean electric technology deployment. Customers will also be contacted to provide feedback on the program to measure customer satisfaction.

I’m an equipment dealer, how do I take advantage of the program?

Partner with Entergy to boost your sales, provide benefits to your customers, and gain a competitive advantage. A dealer can participate in one of 2 ways:

They can make customers aware of the program and guide the customer through the application process.

Or, a dealer can credit the customer the applicable incentive amount as a line item on the invoice, giving customer an immediate incentive, and Entergy will reimburse the dealer directly.

All eligibility requirements, and program terms and conditions apply. Please contact us for more details.

Is replacing an existing electric technology with a new purchase covered by an incentive?

Electric equipment replacing electric equipment does not qualify for this program. In most cases, equipment replacing internal combustion equipment, a first-time electric technology purchase or expansion of an existing fleet does qualify. Please contact us for more details.

What if I am planning to lease instead of own electric equipment?

In many cases, leases can still qualify for an incentive. Please contact us to verify eligibility.

Does used equipment qualify for an incentive?

In many cases, used electric equipment can qualify for a reduced incentive based on the age of the equipment.

How do I find out if my equipment is eligible for an incentive?

We offer custom incentives for a number of electric technologies so if you don’t see your technology listed on the website, please contact us to discuss the project. You can email us at