Billboard Electrification

Incentives of Up to $5,000 Per Billboard

Entergy is providing financial incentives of up to $5,000 to customers for the installation of a digital billboard or for an upgrade from a standard to a digital billboard.

Electric Billboards Make Sense

  • Increase return on investment.
  • Tailor advertising for more customer impressions.
  • Enhance innovation with digital content.

Rotating multiple advertisements on a single billboard increases billboard owner revenue by offering additional advertisement space.

Advertisers benefit from additional advertising options and digital ads that are more appealing. Also, content can be tailored to customers with time, special event or weather specific ads.

Digital content allows advertisers to work with shorter lead times for design and decreased production costs for new content.

Electronic Billboard vs. Traditional Billboards

Digital billboards save time and offer design flexibility. While traditional billboards must be printed, pasted and removed by hand, all updating for digital billboards happens through the computer. This allows advertisers to change billboards frequently and provide time-sensitive information more immediately.

Electronic Billboards Traditional Billboards
Purchase price is a one-time cost A continuing revenue drain to print new advertisements
Lower cost per person reached Set costs for substrate and printing, repeated with each print run
More frequent, measurable audience exposure Communication is distributed once, subsequent exposure not measurable
Dynamic – video, animations, cable feeds, tickers, transitions attract and maintain interest Static – one-time design is only way to grab and keep attention
Unlimited space, can handle hundreds of messages at once Limited space to communicate ideas and information
Up-to-date and current information Timeliness limited by printing and distribution
Allows immediate update, correction and retirement of messages Updates require new print runs, corrections require retractions and printed materials linger

Find Out if You’re Eligible

  • Customers must be an Entergy electric customer with an account in good standing.
  • Electricity needs of billboard must be provided exclusively by Entergy.
  • Customers must provide all required information to validate the project for which incentives are claimed.
  • Customers must submit the incentive application within 120 days of the project completion.
  • Billboards using solar or another form of self-power generation are not eligible.


  • Greater than 550 Sq Ft $5,000
  • 351 Sq Ft to 550 Sq Ft $2,500
  • 150 Sq Ft to 350 Sq Ft $1,500
  • Smaller than 150 Sq Ft, contact us